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    Project Development

    IBIZA Building is a Spanish project developer that has been involved in the realization of projects since 2001. This makes us a major player in the property market.

    Starting a project in another country and getting the necessary building permits and legal aspects correct can be a real chore if you are not familiar with the local requirements or do not speak the language. IBIZA Building can assist you in the overall licensing process of your construction project in Ibiza. You can also contact us if you are looking for someone to check your existing license or if you have any problems with applying for a permit.

    Are you looking?

    We are constantly looking for interesting construction projects for our customers. Our unique projects cannot be found on the regular market. Our extensive network always provides up-to-date offers, from building property to large renovation projects.

    If you are looking for construction projects other than those offered by real estate agents on Ibiza, please contact us or place a search request.